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Guidelines for processing coated glasses

PRINZ OPTICS is coating glasses with the Sol-Gel-method. The coated glasses show a high resistance and a good using performance. They can be finished with many of the common processing methods. Please consider the following guidelines:

variotrans-glas Linie
In principle:

Because the thickness of the coated layers is very low (0,05 µm to 1 µm), it is possible to destroy them mechanically. Please pay attention to the highest level of cleanliness. The impact of abrasive agents like swarf, splinters of glass oder metals must be avoided strictly.

variotrans-glas Linie
Cutting glass:

Coated glass can be cuttet like normal uncoated glass. The cutting table must be clean. To avoid scratches, the coated glass sheets must be moved on the table only on an air cushion. Please don’t remove dust on the coated glasses using a dry brush or cloth but clean it in a wet process.

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Coated glasses may be grinded as single sheet as well as a block. Grinding single sheets please pay attention not to scratch the coating by the drive of the grinding machine. Processing as block you can use paper layers between the sheets as well as cement. Please use only acid-free paper. To dissolve the cement please use alcoholic solvents, no strong acids or bases which can etch the surface or affect the adhesion.

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Processing laminated units (VSG):

The processing of coated glasses to laminated units is possible without limitations. There is no unwanted interaction with normal laminating materials like PVB or rasin.

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A toughening process by tempering coated glasses isn’t possible in principle, because of the high temperatures the layers will crack or show haze. Some filter types may be toughened, but only after elaborating appropriate production parameters in tests.

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Chemical toughening:

Chemical toughening of coated glasses isn’t possible.
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