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Door Design both Functional and Beautiful

A door is the entryway to your company. The design concepts using Variotrans© glass are virtually limitless: stable and easy to clean;  transparent, multi-colored, single-color or color-variable; and colors can shift depending on the lighting or viewing angles. All door components are made ready-to-install and manufactured according to your specification as laminated glass. No matter what the design, security is as the first priority with Variotrans© doors. Laminated safety glass is break-stable and, in case of an emergency, acts as safety glass and will adhere to the safety laminate foil interlayer.

dichroitic doors
Dichroic glass door
Farbverläufe an Glastür
Hell-Dunkel-Wirkung Glasüren Variotrans
partieller Frabeffekt Glastüren

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